In order to complement our sophisticated products we offer a comprehensive range of high quality signs and accessory products. NOVOMATIC Signs & Accessories are the result of our vast experience in our group operations. They were designed to perfectly enhance every operation’s attractiveness and are produced according to the highest standards in technologies and craftsmanship.


  • UK-made ASTRA IllumiSign™, available in various customized versions.
    -High impact signage at low impact cost
    -47" or 32" screen size
    -Single or double sided
    -Vessa wall, telescopic stand or machine mounted
    -Enhanced sound package

  • Double-faced jackpot sign, 6 x 55“ screens (also single faced version available).


  • End-of-Bank Sign Lite, 40“ upright screen.


  • End-of-Bank Sign Deluxe, 40“ upright screen with illuminated frame.


  • Wall panel Tango with game-mix visuals on top.


  • Double slant top island (various versions available).


  • Slot side mount Samba, illuminated with shelf.


  • Wall panel Tango, illuminated graphics panel.


  • Slant top side mount Mambo, illuminated.


Please contact us for more information about available accessories.


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