Absolute Vision™ - Envision your Business.

Absolute Vision™ is a flexible video content delivery system packed into a sophisticated one-stop hardware and software solution. This comprehensive system allows you to display all kinds of video, media and browser content from diverse sources and on various types of screens. Be your own programme manager! With Absolute Vision™ you can configure your own specific display layout and content using the existing or provided sources – at any time and in any place.




Why Absolute Vision™?
• The absolute one-stop-shop solution – hardware and software
• Flexible scalability
• Unique features
• Individual system customisation
• Maximum usability – intuitive user interface design
• Top value for money
• Central content management for various locations or simple stand-alone
    solution for non-networked locations
• Compatible with all Windows PCs
• Automatic online updates



Absolute Wizard
Absolute Wizard is the user friendly content management system for Absolute Vision™.

Key features:
• Maximum usability
• Individual settings for time lines
• Web-interface support for smart phones and tablets
• Fast and easy system configuration

Absolute Manager
Absolute Manager (Channel Manager) facilitates the management and administration of content such as, e.g. betting odds, teletext, etc.

Absolute Viewer
Easy real time control & content management.



High-End Betting Shop Application
The large scale solution for up to 25 video sources (television channels, individual customer content such as advertising or promotional content) for any number of screens. The perfect system for discerning betting shop operators.

Key features:
• Flexible screen display & layout
• Number of sources can be extended (50, 75, …)
• Multi-4: One picture on four screens (portrait or landscape)
• Multi-9: One picture on nine screens
• Multi-16: One picture on 16 screens
• Split-3: Three pictures on one screen (portrait)
• Split-4: Four pictures on one screen (landscape)
• Completely free formats

Content delivery to any number of screens.

Especially designed for:
• Individual campaigns
• Shop windows
• Jackpots
• Signs, info displays
• Topper displays
• Tournaments
• TV channels (e.g. sports events)
• and many more …



Network Structure
Absolute Vision™ can be easily integrated with your existing network.


Further information: http://www.novomatic-mt.com/en