Responsible Gaming

As a gaming group we bear a high social and sociopolitical responsibility that we thoroughly accept and embrace. Right from the beginning we have integrated this philosophy into our corporate culture and are actively engaged in arts, cultural, sports and social activities 

Gaming is subject to particular social responsibility including a strong focus on encouraging responsible gaming behaviour throughout the business.

Games and gaming have been always an essential element of any culture.  People do not only associate gaming with fun and entertainment, but also with excitement and challenge. NOVOMATIC has established itself as a premium producer of gaming equipment and combines entertaining leisure activities with state-of-the-art technology.

Nevertheless, gaming, in certain circumstances, can involve considerable risk for people. NOVOMATIC recognizes these risks and takes on its particular social responsibility by implementing a comprehensive responsible gaming program, which it developed in collaboration with renowned addiction research experts providing a solid foundation for sustainable gaming company development.

Responsible Gaming includes measures and efforts gaming service providers undertake to protect players from the potential negative consequences of excessive gaming so that gaming remains an entertaining social experience.

Accordingly, responsible gaming issues do not operate in isolation, and must reflect in its corporate processes.

NOVOMATIC is dedicated to responsible gaming awareness, which it recognizes explicitly in the Group’s “Responsible Gaming Code”. NOVOMATIC is certain business success is possible through strict regulatory measures including player protection.

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