1. Introduction

The protection of your privacy is a very serious concern to the NOVOMATIC Group therefore we want you to be able to visit our web pages without being concerned about security issues. It is generally possible to use our website without the disclosure of personal data. The following Privacy Statement will provide you with an overview of how the NOVOMATIC Group guarantees the protection of your privacy, the type of data being collected as well as its main purpose.


2.1 Data manager’s name

Data manager’s name: NOVOMATIC Hungária Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Kft.
Data manager's company register number: 08-09-008355
Data manager's seat: 9352 Veszkény (Novomatic park), Fő u 186.

 2.2 Place of data management

1. At data manager's parent company: NOVOMATIC AG, Wiener Straße 158, 2352 Gumpoldskirchen, Austria
2. At data manager's seat: 9352 Veszkény (Novomatic park), Fő u 186.
3. At data manager's plant: 1117 Budapest, Infopark sétány 3. INFOPARK B ép. Fsz.

2.3 Data processing on our website

Whenever you visit our website, some of the data we collect is used for statistical evaluation. The extent of such data is described below. The data are only used internally and serve primarily to continuously improve our website and adapt it to suit your business or personal requirements. For tracking purposes, we employ the Piwik tool ( During a visit to our website we collect and evaluate the following data which your browser sends to our server. The data are collected using JavaScript which is run from each web page. JavaScript places a tracking cookie on your computer to identify your browser session and to recognize repeated access to the website. The following data are collected:

  • Request (name of the requested data file) (e.g. including parameters (e. g.
  • Browser type and version (e.g. Internet Explorer 6.0)
  • Browser language (e.g. German)
  • Operating system used (e.g. Windows XP)
  • Internal resolution of your browser window
  • Screen resolution
  • JavaScript activation
  • Installed plugins (Java, Flash, Real, Quicktime, …)
  • Cookies on/off
  • Color bit depth
  • Referrer URL (the previously visited website including parameters, e.g. search items in search engines, ...)
  • IP address to identify country of origin. The IP address itself is only used for geographical allocation and to identify the provider, and is immediately deleted again afterwards.
  • Time and date of accessing
  • Clicks

Any personal details you have entered in one of our forms, either to request information, apply for a job or get in touch with us, are also saved. The NOVOMATIC Group will use your personal data exclusively in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.

Data management registration number: in progress

In connection with the production and the editing of the website, the company group employs a data processor.

Website editor: Datenkraft IT-Consulting GmbH
Address: Schmiedlstraße 1, 8042 Graz, Austria
Tel.: +43 (316) 33 77 18


The IP address is transmitted on every server request to let the server know where the response has to be sent. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) gives you an IP address as soon as you connect to the Internet, and the ISP can retrace which IP address was assigned to which of its customers at any given time. For as long as the IP address is saved, it is theoretically possible to identify the owner of the Internet connection via the ISP. For this reason, we and our statistics providers do not save the IP address permanently but only temporarily for session recognition and for security reasons (for example to ward off hacker attacks). The IP address is then immediately deleted, so that any collected data are made anonymous and it is no longer possible to identify the user, not even via the ISP.


4.1 The Purpose of Cookies

To allow you to use the NOVOMATIC Group’s website without any restrictions, we use what are referred to as session cookies. Session cookies are tiny parcels of information that are automatically saved to the memory of the website visitor\'s computer. In a session cookie a randomly created and unique identification number is deposited, a so-called session ID. A cookie additionally contains information on its origin and its life span. These cookies are unable to save any other kind of data. Placing session cookies on your computer does not enable us to see the files on your computer.
After you conclude your session, i.e. after you close your browser window, the session cookies are automatically deleted.
You need to activate session cookies to be able to use website services which require authentication.

4.2 Handling Cookies

Your browser settings allow you to set how you wish cookies to be handled. By default, the browser is set to accept session cookies. You have the option of refusing the use of session cookies.


The NOVOMATIC Group regards privacy (data protection), information security and reliability as the basis for stable and successful customer relations. We would therefore like to take this opportunity to inform you about the Privacy Policy we have in place for the entire NOVOMATIC Group.

On account of the assessment of privacy-related processes and the relevant data protection legislation, a written Privacy Policy was drawn up for the NOVOMATIC Group to serve as a basis for the implementation of the Privacy Program and the establishment of the Privacy Management System.

Please be informed that anyone may access the website without revealing his identity and giving his personal data, and may collect information on the website and the related pages freely, without any restrictions. At the same time, the website collects impersonal information about the visitors automatically and without any limitation. However, no personal data can be derived from this information, therefore the data management specified in the Privacy Act is not realised.

5.1 Establish contact

On the website, the visitor may contact NOVOMATIC Hungaria Limited Liability Company.
The purpose of data management is to ensure online contact, and to access further contents; the scope of data managed: sex, name, address, date of birth, phone number, e-mail address, company, position. The legal ground of data management is the consent given according to Article 5 (1) a) of the Privacy Act, the term of data storing is 2 years from establishing the contact, and the way of data storing is electronic.
By establishing the online contact, the customer notes and accepts the contents of the data protection and data security regulations of the company.

5.2 Management of personal data

Personal data can be managed with the purpose of exercising a right or fulfilling an obligation only. The personal data managed by NOVOMATIC Hungária Kft. must not be used for private purposes. Data management should always satisfy the basic principle that data can be used for specific purposes only.
The employees involved in data management at the organisational units of NOVOMATIC Hungaria Kft., and the employees of organisations involved in data management and performing an operation within that on the commission of NOVOMATIC Hungaria Kft. shall keep the personal data disclosed to them as business secrets. Persons managing the personal data and having access to them shall make a declaration of secrecy.

Complaints about the data management procedure of NOVOMATIC Hungaria Kft. may be lodged to NAIH:
Nemzeti Adatvédelmi és Információszabadság Hatóság
1024 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/C.

5.3 Privacy Concept

The Privacy Concept lays down the desired level of data protection security (the protection requirements) as defined by the legal representatives of the NOVOMATIC Group. This serves as the basis for the development of the demands on Privacy Policy and on the continuous privacy improvement process within the entire NOVOMATIC Group.

5.4 Data Applications

Providing there is an obligation to register, the data applications operated within thscope of the NOVOMATIC Group are entered into the Data Processing Registry (DVR).
Everybody is entitled to inspect the registered data applications at the DVR website.

5.5 Guaranteed Data Protection

On principle, we never process your personal data without your approval. Your personal data shall only be used within the context of a contractual relationship concluded with you. We shall keep your personal data for the periods defined in the relevant statutory regulations.

5.6 Transferring and Surrendering Data

Data transfer to third parties shall not take place without your approval. Exempted from this provision are data transfers that are required for contract fulfillment. If data is passed on to order processors (service providers) this is done exclusively and essentially to such companies that can sufficiently guarantee that the data is used lawfully and securely.

5.7 Data Security

The technologies employed by the NOVOMATIC Group to process your personal data (hardware, software, network, infrastructure) comply with state-of-the-art security technologies.

5.8 Right to access personal data

The affected person may ask for information on the management of his personal data, and ask for corrections in the data, and- with the exception of data management ordered by legal regulations - for their deletion, using the provided contact data of NOVOMATIC Hungaria Kft.

NOVOMATIC Hungaria Kft. shall transfer the received request and information within 3 days of their receipt to the manager of the organisational unit who is competent in data management.

The head of the competent organisational unit shall return a clear written answer within 15 days - in the case of exercising a right to protest, within 5 days - of the receipt of the request, to the request related to the management of personal data.

The information provided covers the information defined in Article 15(1) of act CXII of 2011 on information self-government right and the freedom of information, if the provision of information to the affected party may not be denied according to the law.

Pursuant to the main rule, the provision of information is free of charge, NOVOMATIC Hungaria Kft. may charge the expenses in the case defined in Article 15 (5) of the Privacy Act only.

NOVOMATIC Hungaria Kft. shall reject a request only for the reasons stipulated in Article 9 (1) or Article 19 of the Privacy Act, and this may happen only with explanation, in writing, and providing the information defined in Article 16 (2) of the Privacy Act.

Any incorrect data shall be corrected by the head of the organisational unit managing the data - if the necessary data and the public documents proving them are available -, and if the reasons stipulated in Article 17 (2) of the Privacy Act exist, he shall take the necessary steps to delete the managed personal data.

For the period of assessing the objection of the affected party about the management of his personal data - but for maximum 5 days - , the head of the organisational unit managing the data shall suspend data management, examine whether the objection is justified, and makes a decision, on which he informs the applicant pursuant to Article 21 (2) of the Privacy Act.

If the objection is justified, the head of the organisational unit managing the data shall act pursuant to Article 21 (3) of the Privacy Act.

If the judgement of the case is not clear in the course of exercising the affected person's rights, the head of the organisational unit that manages the data forwards the documents of the case and his opinion, and asks for the opinion of the person responsible for data protection, who will satisfy this request within three days.

NOVOMATIC Hungaria Kft. shall repay the damages caused to others by the illegal management of data or violating the requirements of data security, but it is released from the responsibility if the damage was caused by an unavoidable reason outside the scope of data management. It will not pay for the damage either, when it originated from the injured party's willful or seriously negligent behaviour.

6. Issues not defined in this information

Issues not regulated by this information shall be governed by the provisions of the Data Management Regulation and the rules of the Privacy Act.